• Making compliance easier.

    GRC and BPM Convergence

    By bringing together the disciplines of Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) and Business Process Management (BPM) Principious is making the lives of compliance professionals easier.

  • A process based approach to

    Good Corporate Governance

    Good corporate governance requires that internal processes are clearly defined and instructions are unambiguous and understood. Observance of regulations, directives, relevant laws and codes of conduct must be embedded in a firm's processes. At the same time organisational vision, strategy, and objectives must be addressed.

  • A process based approach to

    Manage Corporate Risk

    Risk data aggregation and reporting are keys to ensuring corporate risk is managed effectively. Process based automation of risk data collection ensures data quality and risk visibility. Using this approach can help ensure compliance with regulations such as BCBS 239.

  • A process based approach to

    Maintaining Compliance

    Understand regulatory compliance imperatives in legislation and regulations. Link regulatory directives to firms processes. Identify the impacts of changes to existing governance policies, regulatory risks, controls and compliance management.